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A Man Infected by H5N1 Died in Central China
  China's health ministry reported that a 22-year-old man has died from bird flu in Jianghua County, Yongzhou Prefecture, Hunan Province.

The man, symptoms of fever and headache started to appear on 16 January, died on 24 January. Up till now, there are 28 cases of infection in human, of which 18 patients died.

A sample was taken from the man in February and sent to the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention in Beijing. H5N1 virus was found in the test.

The health ministry said that those who had close contact with the man before his death had no ÔÇťabnormal conditions" in examination. World Health Organization and other foreign government authorities also had been informed.

Investigations into the source of his infection are ongoing. Although there were suspected cases of human-to-human transmission, most patients worked and lived with poultry in close.

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