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To become a top tier drug discovery biopharmaceutical company in Asia.

We target to research, develop and commercialize novel medicines for the underserved diseases affecting millions of patients worldwide.

Value Chain and Business Model
Obio is a knowledge based, technology driven pharmaceutical company, dedicated to focus on the research and development of novel drugs, and bring them into the market through co-development with other prestigious pharmaceutical companies.

Our Observation
Diseases are becoming more virulent and thus are more difficult to treat and cure. Despite advances on the pharmaceutical front, human health is under unprecedented threat in the face of the deteriorating environment. Searching for solutions to enhance the health of the human race is the mission of any pharmaceutical company. Obio strives to be one of the leading research companies in the pharmaceutical industry, specializing in globally concerned diseases and health issues in particular the underserved diseases.

Obio focuses its business development on providing solutions to fill the gap or insufficiencies of existing medicines. In particular, our leading pipelines are new products in the areas of diabetes and influenza. We seek to create value for our shareholders and the world by continuously developing new ways and methods to treat complicated diseases. We partner with reputable research institutions, universities, and industry players in the search for better drugs and solutions that can help people increase longevity with quality life.